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the united states taking new safety precautions tonight amid more violence in the middle east
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and the rest of the muslim world. van de lice vandalism has m people on edge. the state department has issued a travel warning so americans in tunisia, sudan and yemen, and has told families and nonessential government personnel to leave. al qaeda praised the death of chris stevens in libya. and called for more attacks on u.s. embassies. and in his first interview with an american tv station, the president of libya, told nbc news the attack on the u.s. consulate was planned. he also says lib yanz and foreigners were responsible for the assault that killed four americans. jim maceda has more now on the u.s. response from cairo. >> reporter: a four-day
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stand-off outside the u.s. embassy in cairo ended early this morning. riot police charged the protesters and cleared outta rear square, arresting some 200 along the way. the city began to return to normal as did the country. but friday's day of rage sprea across more than 20 countries. in tunisia today, local citizens and security personnel, surveyed damaged cars and buildings at the u.s. embassy, now protected by armored vehicles. while a marine response team took up position at some western hotels. it wasn't all quiet. as far away as sitny, auydney, trail, protests broke out saying they had defiled their religion. with the whole middle eastern
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crisis, pope benedict xvi offered a message. he said people of different faiths now live together. in the arab world anger runs deeper than religion and america is a lightning rod. >> everyone has something against us. every time something happens over america, everyone gets all fired up. >> reporter: america is still disliked and mistrusted, not just by muslim militants. >> i think a lot of ordinary people look at the u.s. and say, why do you support our dictators. >> reporter: some egyptians say they were beginning to change their minds about america, until that anti-islam film clip appeared on the internet. a home grown terror plot thwarted by federal agents. fbi agents arrested a teenager
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who they say tried to set off a car bomb in a downtown chicago bar. they arrested adel daoud last night, when he tried to detonate the bomb. the fbi started monitoring him after he wrote online about killing americans. months after the last new case was reported, a deadly super bug has killed another patient in the national institutes of health. it's affected 17 patients since last august. a week ago, a minnesota boy became the seventh person to diaz a direct result of the infection. the washington post says it was the first new case since january when strict measures were put in place to try to contain the bug. a man is dead tonight after being hit by a car in prince georges county. this happened in the 9400 block of annapolis road tonight. annapolis road is shut down.
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the driver stayed on the scene of the crash, and the accident right now is under investigat n investigation. dozens of car windows shot out by bb guns. some of the incidents happened at a local mosque. police say it was not the target, but darcie spencer spoke to some people who are still very concerned. >> the windows of this car were shot out by a bb or pellet gun. it was parked in front of an islamic mosque in falls church. >> if someone was attempting to target only muslims, they missed the mark, in this community we live together. >> reporter: four communities were targeted, setting off fears of a hate crime. it appears to be random. about two dozen cars were shot up in the overnight hours within a seven mile radius of the mosque. >> there's no evidence to believe this is a hate crime or it's targeting one reridgeous
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group. >> it's a hateful act even if it's not a hate crime. >> reporter: after hearing about the vandalism, members of nearby christian churches came out to support the mosque. a mosque in virginia was vandalized in what's being called a hate crime. the council on islamic relations says the community needs to be vigilant and offered a $1,000 reward for information in the falls church cases. >> this community, christian, muslim, buddhist. we are one, and we will not tolerate any crime against any of our communities. >> reporter: as a result of the vandalism, fairfax county police say they're stepping up patrols in the area, and they're taking additional security measures though they won't say what those measures are. darcie spencer, news 4. people in prince georges county, got a lesson in self-defense today after the
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murder of a teen last month. the full circle martial arts academy gave the demonstration in springdale. 17-year-old amber stanley was an honor role student at the school. she was shot to death in her kettering home on august 23rd. people who attended today were asked to donate to the amber stanley fund to help the family with expenses. police are still searching for suspects in stanley's murder. a softball tournament this weekend to remember a laurel woman while she was away at college. lauren giddings was found dead last year at her apartment in macon, georgia. she had just finished law school. the community came together for the first annual butterbean softball tournament. money raised is going to the special olympics. giddings neighbor and classmate has been charged with the murder. he remains in jail. but no trial date has been set. we're sure getting spoils with this beautiful weather. we want it to continue forever, but we know it can't.
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chuck bell is here to tell us if it will. chuck? >> i think we can squeak out an awfully nice sunday. it probably won't be quite as pretty as today was, but i think you won't find too many things to complain about with your sunday forecast. for now, your saturday night has turned delightfully cool outside. many of the suburbs already well down into the mid-50s now. 55 in manassas, 55 in culpepper. still 60 at reagan national airport. a chilly start in the morning. here are your startoff temperatures, a lost 40th on the map. we'll talk about how nice tomorrow will be and when the rain does finally get here. >> thanks, chuck. thousands walking down memory lane today as the h street festival debuted its heritage trail tour. clint eastwood speaks. what he has to say about his infamous speech abot the republican
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another european newspaper has published nude photos of kate middleton. the photos were not featured in the edition distributed in northern ireland which is part of the u.k. british tabloids have not run the photos, an italian paper says they will publish them soon. kate middleton and prince william filed a lawsuit yesterday claiming privacy violations. clint eastwood is standing by his appearance at the republican national convention in tampa.
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eastwood caused a stir last month when he gave a speech critical of president obama whom eastwood pretended was seated in an empty chair next to him. at his age, he said, you don't have to edit yourself. decades of history documented today. we spotted a familiar face in this he old photo. we'll tell you the identity of this young boy coming up. gorgeous day today. heavy load in america. but mitt romney plan, a middle class to $2,000 more a year in taxes. multi-millionaires like himself hits the middle class harder... bigger break. forward for america?
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the host for tonight's "saturday night live" seth macfarlane. >> i'm not crazy nervous. i'm trying to be on my game. it's really about enjoying it, it's a fun process thus far. >> tonight's musical guest is frank ocean. the new season of snl starts at 11:30. thousands attended the h street festival in northeast today. this year, the festival offered more than music and parades. it offered the opening of the eighth street heritage trail. pat collins pictured in the family home that used to be at
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4th and eighth. his father had a doctor's office downstairs. >> you go to the bakery department, you'll be right about where my bedroom was. >> pat was the emcee of the festival today. h street is welcoming more new businesses to the neighborhood. vincent gray called it one of america's number one destinations. put a little hat on that little boy, and you can really see pat's face there. fun to see the old photo. >> i liked it. and i like those signs. i enjoy having those marker posts. >> it gives you an excuse to stop. >> have a drink of gatorade and move back on, and learn something as well about this beautiful city we live in. outside today, no complaints. no complaints at all came into the weather department. tomorrow looks very good. but maybe not quite as nice as today was. because today was a 10 out of 10
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no doubt about it, our skies are still mostly clear as of the 11:00 hour. and the wind which was pretty substantial through at least the first half of the day, the wind is now laid down and gone to bed for the night. with a clear sky and light breeze out there, and very dry air in place. be ready for a chilly start tomorrow morning. dewpoint temperatures are usually a way to estimate your low temperature by morning time. right in the city. the urban heat island will hold us above 49 degrees at national airport. there will be places out west of the blue ridge, into the shenandoah valley already in the 50s now that will drop into the upper 40s by tomorrow morning. martinsburg and charlestown, west virginia talking about you. we you'll be in the 40s in the morning. right inside the capital beltway, a lot of spots may bottom out in the 50s. >> cool and comfy in the morning. upper 40s to mid and upper 50s by 8:00.
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warm and dry by 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. clouds will start to thicken up the second part of the day tomorrow. there are showers, this little batch of rain just out across the tennessee/kentucky border is moving eastbound. if you're traveling tomorrow, you might run into a sprinkle or two, but the trajectory on those raindrops should keep them south of our area, at least through tomorrow. monday's going to be another story. high pressure will set us up for a cool start in the morning. bright sunshine early on, but the clouds will definitely be on the increase during the course of the day. you can see the rain chance late tomorrow into early monday just down to our south. by monday afternoon, flood gates open up, and as a result, rain ahead by monday night. all the way through tuesday. may linger into wednesday as well. we need the rain. so overnight. just some high clouds and light windses. killy, west of town. 40s out west. for tomorrow, sunshine in the
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morning, but clouds really thickening up tomorrow afternoon. mild again, highs into the mid to upper 70s. one or two lucky spots may make 80 degrees tomorrow. here's the all important seven-day forecast. the nice one is tomorrow. the clouds and drops show up monday. may be dry when you go to work and school monday morning, it likely will be wet. tuesday i don't want to say washout, but it may be an inch to two inches of rain on the day tuesday. >> i have to go to work and school on monday? >> both. >> thanks, chuck. whatever you say. davey johnson gets heated
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what a wild game. >> i'm still mad. i'm still mad about it. >> you're mad about it? >> and davey johnson, a lot of raw promotion in tonight's show. it's inevitable they will make the playoffs. for the division title their wild card spot is 11. when they get there, they may be thankful to have the experience of this series this weekend in atlanta. the braves are treating the nats like the deal is already done. martine prado at the plate, knocks this one. jackson gets it, close call at first, the ump says laroche's foot was off the bag.
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davey johnson. they said he was safe. davey johnson great, angry as i've seen him all year, he's tossed. first ejection of the year for him. wouldn't you know, very next batter. jason heyward crushes jackson's pitch to right center. should have been a solo shot, instead it's a two-run job. we're tied at four. ryan matthews trying to work out the bases loaded jam. but he hits andrew simmons, grazes his jersey. and in comes the go ahead run. it proves to be the game winning run. they will go for the sweep tomorrow night. randy edsall had a tough day as well he gets choked up after the loss to his former team. fortunately, terps qb will remember this one too. not all good for him, but let's go to birds stadium to see the terps looking for their first
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3-0 start since 2001, after trailing 14-0 early, they're down 10 in the fourth. there's perry hills on the run. his pass is tipped up, right on. hauls it in, a 29 yard touchdown, gets maryland within three. later in the quarter, terps back down ten. scampered in for a ten-yard score. we're back to a three-point gain. with 25 seconds to go, the terps are fourth and 14. last chance. plenty of time for hills. his pass sails just long. uconn wins 24-21. saying good-bye to his former players in person, not any easier this time around. >> i have emotions, you know, i don't think you're human if you don't have emotions. and it was just -- it was good to see some of those guys.
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and wish them well. >> it wasn't even that it was uconn, that was emotional. i mean, it was a tough game at the end. i know all the older guys were pretty upset. even the younger guys, that's a hard game to lose when you come back. it's tough when you know you could have wofrn the game and come up with a loss. >> the first road game for virginia tech. hokies visiting pittsburgh. third quarter going to pick it up with tech down ten. logan thomas will connect with marcus davis. and he has some room to run. nobody is going to catch him. he has to sprint 57 yards of this 85 yard score. puts the hokies within striking distance. in the fourth quarter, pitt shuts the door. you heard me right. pitt with a huge upset 35-17 in the final. virginia falls to virginia tech. gino smith and the number
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nine west virginia, that team playing james madison at fedex field. it was a big day for the senior qb. steadman bailey, the nine-yard score. mountaineers up 13-0. third quarter it's a 28-5 west virginia lead. bailey again, a 30-yard td. 411 passing yards for smith who breaks the school record for passing, as west virginia rolls over jmu. it was not a memorable road trip to penn state. we're showing you something that happened three times on this day, matt mcgloin hooking up with robinson for a touchdown. those two unstoppable and the nittany lion's westein 34-7. howard marching band taking the show on the road. howard up 23-7.
11:27 pm
norfolk state kicking to rodney tyson, he gets some nice blocks. you know why we're showing it? a few good cuts and guys miss, and he goes 100 yards. that's 100 yards for the kickoff return for a td. the first td of his career. he pulls out a win in overtime, 37-36. d.c. united wins 2-1. they're now back in that playoff position 2-1 over the new england revolution. >> i'd like to see a tight shot on that first base. >> we're going to be talking >> we're going to be talking about that to ♪
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you know, ronny... >> we're going to be talking about that to folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? i'd say happier than a bodybuilder directing traffic.
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he does look happy. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. this november, we the people of ohio will go to the polls and move this country forward. now it is my distinct honor to brow the president of the united states. i wouldn't want his

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